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Company Founder

My name is Heather Richardson, owner & inventor of Little June Bug Shop: Infant & Toddler Safety Straps. I’d like to share with you how the idea of my safety straps came about!

It started on a shopping trip to Target when my youngest son Jack was about 6 months old.  He was in his infant carrier seat that was sitting in the front part of the shopping cart, when it was bumped by one of my older kids who had been walking along side it.  Before I knew it, Jack’s entire infant carrier had fallen out of the cart upside down on the hard floor.  My heart stopped!  Fortunately, a bump on his head was all that he incurred, but this scare gave me the inspiration to develop a way to secure infants to shopping carts. As Jack got older and became a toddler I was encouraged by a friend to develop a toddler strap design for shopping carts as well.  So, I did!  This design can also be used along with shopping cart germ covers, restaurant high chairs and some style of wagons.


Heather’s Vision

My vision here at the Little June Bug Shop is to make a difference in the lives of families who have all experienced (like we have) the frustrations of keeping their small children safe in the shopping cart, whether it be an infant carrier placed precariously and unsecured in the top of the cart, or squirming toddlers who always seem to find a way to wiggle out of the seat.  My safety straps will deliver a safe, secure and clean shopping experience with personal style!  Moms deserve a more relaxed shopping experience and it is my passion to make sure my straps deliver just that!

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