“We absolutely love our Little June Bug toddler strap! We searched for something like this but could never find anything functional; until we found out about Little June Bug. It so nice to have a functional strap we can use in restaurant high chairs, grocery carts and other places. The straps on high chairs and grocery carts are disgusting and often times broken or non-existent. The quality of our toddler strap is wonderful! Plus it comes in so many cute designs! “

“I absolutely Love my Toddler Safety Strap! It made shopping so much easier! I think the design and ease of this product is wonderful & I will recommend to all my friends

“I am so happy to have found a product like this! It was so simple to use and I love the design. I used it at a restaurant recently because the strap on the high chair was broken & and it worked great! Such a useful product!”

“We recently bought the single strap for our baby carrier from the Little June Bug Shop.  We love it! Now, when we shop, I don’t have to worry about the carrier slipping or worse, falling off the cart.  The strap holds the carrier very secure and we even got to order the strap to match our personal family style; with footballs on it!  As Jake grows older, we will keep ordering the strap(s) that will keep him snug & secure in carts so that we can enjoy our shopping time together!  Thank you, Heather and Little June Bug Shop!”– Tori Hall

“I am sending pics of my daughter Lennox in her strap in a Trader Joe”s shopping cart. Lennox just turned 1 July 7th. I LOVE the harness. It is easy to use & I feel that she is secure now no matter what store we go to because of my toddler strap. I really like the print and color of my strap. Lennox wears a lot of pink so the strap looks nice too.  I would recommend these to people and have already!”

-Wendy Lotts

“I love the toddler strap.  I use it with my youngest son, he was constantly standing up in the cart at Costco, while I was trying to unload item onto the checkout belt. The strap has absolutely, 100% stopped this. He can’t stand up, he can’t wriggle around. I don’t have to try and hold him down while I am trying to reach something on a shelf. This strap has extinguished my anxiety when I am shopping with my toddler. Thanks Heather for bringing your invention to life!”

-Nanette Tippner and Family

“I love the straps. They’re fast and easy to use. And I feel that my baby is definitely secure. The materials are very cute and easy to wash. I like the way it’s designed she couldn’t get out of it which is why I have it on her! I would highly recommend these straps to a friend!!”

-Taffy Bright


“My name is Cynthia Gomez and I have used both straps so far, the infant strap and the toddler strap.  I love them!  The infant strap was great for me when my baby was small because the carts never had any straps that worked or if they did they still didn’t hold the car seat right, but the infant strap did! The toddler strap has strap has been so wonderful for us now!  We use it for grocery carts &  restaurant high chairs , My son who loves to try to climb out of anything, can’t anymore with his cool looking strap on custom made for us.”

– Cynthia Gomez


“I’m so smitten with the strap… you have no idea. PLEASE thank her from the bottom of my heart for her wonderfully kind gift. What a blessing!

Yay! I can finally go shopping again. My baby is a wild child and a shopping cart & high chair acrobat. I’d simply given up on grocery shopping and keeping her stationary in restaurants. We just couldn’t take her anywhere least she fall out and hurt herself by turning the shopping carts into a surf board/jungle gym. This has been a God send for us. It is comfortable on my little one and she doesn’t mind being strapped in at all. I love the functionality and how darn cute the design is. Pink and brown?! Heaven. The fact that it is machine washable is wonderful. Little ones can get so messy. Thank you so very much for giving us back the ability to go places as a family and not have to worry for Joy’s safety. We love the strap and tell everyone who asks about it that they will too. Because they will, it is genius!”

-Rebecca & Joy Dever


“The strap is a lifesaver!!! Literally! I have a 3 year old boy and he loves his baby sister, he tried giving her kisses while I was getting some apples at the grocery store and the if the strap wasn’t on the infant car seat she would’ve taken a tumble. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for inventing these straps!! I just know many more lives will be saved, and injuries prevented from these.”

– SaraRose Hendrickson (Mother of three beautiful children)

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