Safety Guidelines

The Toddler Safety Strap or Portable Seatbelt is intended for Toddlers who are able to sit up on their own, ages 6 months to 3 years (give or take) and is to be used for grocery store shopping carts, some restaurant high chairs, wagons or even some styles of chairs when a high chair is unavailable.

The Toddler Safety Strap or Portable Seatbelt is intended to keep your Toddler from standing or falling out of a grocery store shopping cart.  The Criss Cross over the shoulder design helps your toddler comfortably stay seated while still maintaining mobility and freedom to wiggle around (as most toddlers do).

If you choose to take advantage of this wonderful product, it is highly recommended by Little June Bug Shop to never leave your child unattended while the Toddler Safety Strap is in use.
Please remember to follow all instructions.  Improper placement or use of the Toddler Safety Strap could lead to severe injury or death.  Your Toddler Safety Strap will not protect toddlers from an over turned shopping cart, high chair, wagon or regular sitting chair.

Toddler Safety Straps, when used properly, have been proven through  safety tests and Moms like you and I to work beautifully at keeping our little ones safe, secure and comfortable while Moms enjoy a more peaceful shopping and dining experience.

WARNINGS: When using "Toddler Safety Straps or Portable Seatbelts"

  • Product not intended to protect against overturned vessels
  • Little June Bug Shop not liable for any use not specified in the instructions
  • Overly loose straps may allow child to escape and fall
  • Do not suspend child using this product
  • Do not leave child unattended while product is in use
  • Inspect product regularly for any signs of wear; replace if necessary
  • Improper use may cause injury or death


  • Place Toddler in the front part, where the seat is, of the shopping cart
  • Unbuckle your Toddler Safety Strap
  • Place over your child's head through the wide opening (like putting on a T-shirt)
  • Gently guide your child's arms through the openings on the side
  • Take the long strap with the buckle & pull through the lower part of the frame of the shopping cart & buckle
  • Adjust straps according to your child's height & size
  • Always make sure straps fit snuggly around child's chest & arms
  • The front part of your Strap should be placed across the chest area & not the tummy.  This will keep your strap more snug, avoiding a large space around the arms.

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